Enhance your Thinking

Enhance your Thinking

Reasons are the building blocks to self improvement and to a better life. How good are your reasons?

They say that if you have enough reasons you can do anything. So, unless I miss my guess, if we want to build a better life for ourselves, that makes REASONS the building blocks we’ll need for our project. Even those of us without any architectural expertise know there’s no such thing as building from the top/down, we have to start at the bottom with our blocks. More to the point – with our reasons.

Do we want to lose weight? If so, what are our reasons? To live longer (that’s always a plus!), to feel better, to look better? They’re all great reasons, but they’re also very far-reaching, vague reasons. We respond better to much, much more personal goals. For example: “By my birthday I want to fit into my old pair of Levi’s.”

The goal is perfect for several reasons. It keeps things personal and to the point. You have a clear cut objective (the Levis) as well as a clear cut deadline (your birthday). Best of all, personal emotions are involved. You know how you would feel if the objective was met, and it’s that feeling that would help you reach your goal.

If our goal is to generate more income, again, our reasons need to be as personal and meaningful as possible. Instead of saying, “I want more money,” say, “By football season, I want to have a new big screen television.” Picture the setting – the chips, the dip, the drinks, the giant Giants, the jealous neighbors… Oh yeah, you’ll find a way to make it happen. And, as in the example above, you’ve given yourself a perfect deadline to work toward. You know all too well how long you have until September, so the mind tells itself that it’d better get busy!

And so it will.

Before embarking on any life changes, alterations, or improvements – be certain you have the best building blocks. The best ones are, of course, the ones you make yourself – Your very own hopes and dreams. Be as specific as possible and keep it on a very personal level. It’ll make the difference between wanting it to happen and making it happen!


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