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Collective Synergy provide distribution of niche market products as well as providing channel support and technical expertise for existing channels.

Solutions Advisory and Design

Find and fix existing weaknesses

Dedicated Assistance

Simple in practise

Extended channel support and technical expertise
Collective Synergy is positioned to provide assistance as an extension to resellers and system integrators

By working strictly with partners we only work in the end-user space as an extension of partners

Relationship building and management

With extensive experience in relationship management we can assist you and your sales teams in creating meaningful and beneficial relationships with your customers

Solution Advisory and Design

By comprehensively assessing your customer’s environments we can ensure that solutions meet their requirements thereby adding maximum value

Technical Strategy Development

We can help partners in assisting their customers develop technical strategies and thereby creating strong technical relationships

Technical support and assistance

As an extension to our partners we will supplement your technical teams for long or short term needs and provide you with high level capabilities

Neutral and non-competitive

With our business focus being around partner and channel delivery we ensure strict confidentiality and no threat when engaging with your customers

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